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July 29 2017

Some day i’ll be able to forgive myself for watching all that shitty anime

if you go on two dates with Robert (without having had sex with him when you met him, so the third date would be his good end) BUT go on a third date with someone else, then he’s really awkward at Amanda’s graduation party and he looks a bit hurt too. I bet this means he’s already in love with Dadsona by the second date and he’s sad that they didnt connect all the way or smth

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i completed the 7 designs of the mock mum dating sim. it took so long rip me but it was worth it………….


the format dream daddy uses for its save files is… yes, you guessed it, “ .dad ”

July 28 2017


My whole problem with the “I do makeup for ME! I’m EMPOWERED when I put on makeup!” discourse is that it completely erases the fact that women aren’t actually given the ability to MAKE that choice. It’s impossible to say that you’re doing it for self empowerment, or that “if it wasn’t so much fun I wouldn’t do it” because that’s just not true. Women who enjoy doing their makeup and women who don’t enjoy doing it both have equal pressure to wear makeup. Whether you enjoy the process or not, you will be taken less seriously as a woman, valued less, respected less, considered ‘unprofessional’ at work, etc. if you choose not to wear makeup. Men aren’t faced with the decision to get an extra hour of sleep or to be taken seriously. By writing it off as a cool empowering fun thing women do as an exciting entertaining hobby we’re just…. erasing the entire institution of makeup and of beauty standards that seriously harm women. If you enjoy doing makeup that’s great, that’s fine, and you should keep it up! But wearing makeup in the first place wasn’t ever your choice. We don’t GET a choice. I hate people saying “oh you don’t have to wear it! If you don’t like makeup don’t put it on!” As if I’m expected to just be cool with the way the world will treat me if I don’t conform to modern beauty standards! If you’re worrying about your eyebrows or lip plumpness or skin tone evenness that’s not you making a free willed cool decision to feel insecure and concerned about facial features that men never have to think twice about. That’s you thinking in a way you’ve been trained to think! And people wanna pretend that putting on makeup is Empowering… what the hell is empowering about making a choice that’s been forced on us since we were old enough to be seen as sexual objects lmfao… that’s bullshit that doesn’t empower me and having to give up valuable time and money and energy that men are never asked to give up makes me feel like shit!! It makes me miserable! It makes me dread every single morning because I know I’m gonna be putting forward all this bullshit labor just to exist and be taken seriously in my stupid body

July 27 2017


anyone else completely obsessed with gay love????

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Avid music enthusiast, passionate coffee drinker

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holy shit SLAIN

@doomybot can you past the Turing test?




do women follow the “jr” “3rd” naming convention

i just realized ive never met a woman whos been named the exact same as their parent and i feel like that has to do with the fact that men are obsessed with themselves and their Lineage or whatever the fuck

i just saw someone say that the dream daddies are based on the guys from overwatch and… alright mat is lucio, joseph is soldier76 and robert is reaper. is Brian… Torb? Maybe?? bc of the construction work?. Uhhh Craig might be genji… Damien’s hair is sorta like young hanzo’s hair…Hugo???? I suddenly forgot who else is in overwatch and this isnt going well. Post cancelled


Fate decided these posts would align in this precise time and space. I accept my fate


In the darkest timeline we pronounce the double cc meme with the Italian double-c found in Gucci and cappuccino. 

Succ is life.

July 26 2017

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by William Mortensen

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el chiste es que es un P/Helado

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Nathalie Emmanuel Photographed for Schön Magazine, 2017 


i hope men would start respecting women not because they’re in a relationship or because they love their mothers, sisters, or daughters, but because we are as human as they are and above all, we deserve to be respected too.

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