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June 26 2017


lesbian culture is refusing to clean up after male family members intentionally


shoutout to my favorite coping mechanism, isolation


wlw aren’t capable of objectifying women the same way men do you fucking freaks stop harassing lesbians and bi women for loving other women

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then i heard your heart beating you were in the darkness too / so i stayed in the darkness with you

or: a piece i’ve been working on little by little for the past couple of days while listening to honorary lesbian florence + the machine because contrary to popular belief terra and raven from the popular animated series teen titans dir. glen murakami (2002) were lesbians and in love 

patreon / commissions 

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wolfgang amadeus mozart has been dead for 226 slutty, slutty years 

hi yeah what the actual, literal, GENUINE fuck does this mean

June 25 2017






Anyway the LGBT community is for anyone whose identity is outside of the heteronormative rule (heterosexual, heteroromantic and cis, all three of these) and any “older” LGBT person is gonna confirm BECAUSE THEY BUILT THE DAMN COMMUNITY. Try asking them. Ask a 40-50 year old (or older) gay man or lesbian what the community is for. Ask them. Do it though. Learn some of your own history from them, and then come back to me then try and tell me I’m wrong. 

You’re wrong.

I’m a 59 year old gay man and I’m telling you in no uncertain terms, You. Are. Wrong.

Here’s a history lesson from someone who both lived it and has read extensively about LGBT issues, as well as being involved in many different organizations. I realized what I was when I was very young. I first came out in the late 60s. I was an activist during the 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

This is long, but history is long. It’s important. I tried to break it down into smaller paragraphs for easier reading. But it’s long. I debated not putting this under a cut, but holy hell it’s long. 

If you’re actually interested in WHY you’re wrong, OP, I hope you’ll read it.

Keep reading

tenitchyfingers also believes in reverse racism, so are we surprised they don’t understand the basics of systemic oppression?

I worry that somehow as a “younger generation” we’re/I’m failing by having to make someone like @von–gelmini explain all of this (I realize this isn’t my “fault” or ours in general, I’m just…sad and frustrated). Like I knew all of this, and this is what I have learned in listening to people older than myself discuss LGBT history and reading LGBT history books, but people refuse to listen or believe anyone who they deem too old or too young or in the wrong book or….basically the “wrong” source that they choose at random. 

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#ngl i wasn’t really sure if i liked pimento but i’m here now.


if you’re lgbt reblog with your orientation + whether u prefer waffles or pancakes

June 23 2017

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necromancer and witch friend


me: *takes a long swig from a flask i was carrying in my purse*
barkeep: ma'am no outside drinks are permitted
me, hoarsely: this is flour


beauty care posts, “hoe tips”, lipstick feminism….fucking kill me.
when you’re getting into feminism and Tumblr is full of this shit you kinda fall for it and believe that the most rebellious and feminist thing you can do is talking about sucking dick and giving “hoe tips” or whatever but like…it’s actually fucking sad? it’s fucking sad to read tips about how to keep your eyebrows on fleek while getting the d and your lipstick perfect while sucking the d?  it’s actually the opposite of “destroying patriarchy” to keep male validation and beauty our number one priority? your makeup is not threatening to men in the slightest? it won’t change shit?

June 22 2017


“create your dadsona” is probably the most powerful sentence i’ve heard in my life 


2017 culture: inserting subtle, nostalgic homestuck references into everything you do



I got put on the acephobia blacklist for reblogging a joke about the grinch not jerking off

Good luck getting into grad school now you bigoted piece of shit




this is the second summer in a row im homeless and couch surfing :0) if u can boost or send like a dollhair i would highly appreciate

paypal: alexisjefferson94@yahoo.com

my evil white gay of a roommate moved out all his shit in one night and skipped out on the lease leaving lil ol me to deal with the $500+ cilco bill and the rent plus late fee, just in case u were wondering how i got into this predicament AGAIN 

its been a month and still no job which is really unusual and upsetting for me but im not giving up! it would be a blessin if u could boost or donate though because heather is the kind being lending shelter to me and shes an aries, ergo very particular about having a certain amount of toilet paper in the house. (i had a weeklong traumatic poo episode that most of the tp fell victim to) we also need laundry money its hot and we’re sweaty. thank u luv u

June 21 2017


why do cishet aces/aros wanna be oppressed so bad.  like by all means find commonality with queer folk about the realization that you’re different but frankly saying “mom, i never wanna have sex” doesn’t have the same weight as “mom, im gay” or “mom, i’m not a girl, i’m a boy” and saying it does is just blatantly disrespectful to the people who have lost their lives, their homes, their families, their futures– who have lost everything because of their queerness. 

there was an open genocide on our people not twenty years ago and y’all wanna tell me i should let a straight cis boy into my space because he just wants to fuck me but he won’t fall in love with me, so it’s okay, he understands, he’s just like me.  

like!! wow!!  that’s some truly next level entitlement. queer folks band together because we can’t safely form communities with just anyone. go join a golf club, or an art club, or theater or the PTA with the other straight people or something, because all those doors are open to you without the risk of getting your head bashed in with a tire iron.

(mind u im talking specifically about cishet aces/aros.  not trans het aces or cis gay aros or whatever.)

June 15 2017

damn i wish i had a name

June 14 2017


film teacher: you can write about anything for your final!



what’s up with the “girl flirts her way out of trouble” trope? im a girl and ive literally never done that. its almost like the majority of female characters in media arent written by people who have ever interacted with female-identifying people in any meaningful way and only see them as weird, wily sex snakes

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