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i wrote a little while ago about rose and kanaya being literally written for each other (which is still true, and thats not exactly a difficult argument to make). but id like to propose that the same is true for roxy and callie. a lot of people thought their ending up together was a curveball, or a last-minute twist, when it was really kind of obvious from their first interactions that callie, at least, had romantic feelings for roxy even if the feeling wasnt mutual - but then the rest of roxys arc revolves around callie, so the feelings are obviously eventually reciprocated.

callies first conversation with roxy is twice as long as either of her earlier logs with jake and jane, and its the first one that gives us insight into callies actual character. the first two were pure exposition - while theres a lot of that in callies log with roxy too (this is where the void aspect is explained and active/passive class dynamics are inroduced), calliope is emoting a hell of a lot more than she had prior. calliope gets flustered and frustrated and flattered around roxy. roxy calls her cute and they make faces at each other. we also see callies hands on the second page of the log - calliope is vulnerable and open when she talks to roxy.

roxy is also the last person who calliope talks to before she dies (and she *knows* shes going to die - she says as much in the conversation). in this conversation callie talkes extensively about the rules (governing her lifestyle and competition with her brother) which shes forced to live by and which she makes herself adhere to. she finally breaks these rules by telling roxy her name - and, since she figures shes about to go to sleep for good, literally putting her life in roxys hands. considering homestuck has heavy affiliations between lesbian love and resurrection (first with kanaya being the only non-god tier character to come back from the dead, then with roxy bringing callie back to life by proposing to her with the ring of life, and again with terezi rewriting time and space to bring vriska back) this is obviously a romantic overture metatextually even if calliope didnt intend it as such.

callies mentioning the rules she is obligated to live by also bookends the first explicitly romantic advance between her and roxy - roxy says i love you, callie asks if she means it, and roxy quickly backtracks and clarifies that she means it in a Just Friends way. and this is where callie talks about the cultural/biological norms of cherub romance - she clearly loves roxy, and shes clearly excited at the prospect that roxy might love her back, but shes quick to shut herself down because cherubs feeling love and affection is not the way. cherubs are only supposed to experience black romance, so callie convinces herself that her feelings are fake or superficial. cherubic heteronormativity is just another unfair rule that exists to make callies life as difficult for her as possible, rules which she has to break in order to survive and thrive.

side note: in one of his streams a while back tex talks mentioned that roxy is the best girl, “but she loses points for being clearly designed to be best girl”, which (after giving it a little thought) i would say is deliberate. callie represents the readers - especially the gay teen girl readers (who are responsible for homestuck getting as popular as it did, and thats a fact no matter how much dudes dont want it to be); and callie sees the cast of homestuck as characters before she sees them as her friends (probably, on a textual level, due to cherubic anti-socializing and societal norms and how she doesnt see herself as being capable of love and affection etc). and so hussie deliberately crafted roxy, who was eventually going to be paired off with the reader-insert, to be a character who readers would easily connect with and imagine themselves dating. gay girls own homestuck is what im saying

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