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June 15 2017

damn i wish i had a name

June 14 2017


film teacher: you can write about anything for your final!



what’s up with the “girl flirts her way out of trouble” trope? im a girl and ive literally never done that. its almost like the majority of female characters in media arent written by people who have ever interacted with female-identifying people in any meaningful way and only see them as weird, wily sex snakes


The biggest mood is no one watching oitnb s5

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this is the funniest fucking thing ive ever read about the shimadas and why hanzos dragons are so much bigger than genjis


i hope the word “sadstuck” outlives people actually remembering or caring about homestuck so eventually nobody will know why its called that

June 13 2017


god i want to write an essay on the deliberate homoeroticism between two male leads as both a way to tease the edge of progressivism without dedicating genuine effort to representation and as a neat way of cutting out women from the narrative altogether by removing the female love interest and failing to replace it with anything more substantial

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you ever think about karkat and the signless and how it was said that karkat would succeed him and now karkat is the co-king of the troll kingdom, a new troll civilization on a peaceful planet he created and helped save, with two other aliens that were created in his mutant soft boy image, plus a disabled teal blood, and how karkat vantas, literally, destroyed the blood caste system and rebuilt troll society from the ground up? do you ever think about karkat vantas, the knight of blood, and just get real fucked up and emotionally compromised?

like not to still have feelings about homestuck in 2017 but

“The Sufferer preached that after he passed, another Signless would come, heralding the end times for their planet. The Second Signless would continue his work, and lead his people to glory beyond this realm.“ x

June 12 2017

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Aradia quick painting

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i almost didn’t reblog this because i was like “oh just another nude lady swordfight, not that interesting” and then i remembered that not everyone has my life.

more information on nude lady swordfights and why they were a thing

I got lucio’s skin in a lootbox finally in the Last Day which was such a blessing. So now i have enough coins to buy all the new skins im missing (except for the soldier skin which is disgusting) and im gonna have some spare coins to get some dances too aaaaaaaa if only i had this much luck back in the new year event i regret not getting sanzang


me, giving the babadook his daily bucket of worms from 7 feet away in my basement: h-h-h-here y-you go m-m-mr. babadook i-i hope… i hope they’re to you’re l-liking…. 

the babadook, screeching inhumanly for a moment before stopping abruptly: ellie should i have stayed in the closet?

me, shocked at his forwardness to show his emotions, letting my guard down as my inevitable need to comfort others overwhelms me: b-baba, no… sweetheart don’t you ever think that you are loved. you are valid. you are an inspiration to all of us. please tell me you’re not rethinking coming to pride?

the babadook, clicking his long, spindly fingers together and gently kicking the bucket of earthworms with his toe: i dunno… everyone just has this predisposed idea about me that i’m just like. a stereotypical gay guy, not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s like… idk. i just wanna be accepted y’know? like i just love men a lot and it took me a long time to be able to say that… you know what i mean?

me, sitting down next to him and offering him a worm as we chill on the basement floor: yeah dude i feel you. tell you what… you think over it for the next day or two, and if you don’t wanna go i wont force you. but, those people who think those things of you are such a small minority that they hardly matter in the grand scheme of things. you’re important and loved and valid and you’re gay! and there’s no right or wrong way to BE gay, no matter what straight people say.

the babadook, slurping some worms: ur right ellie, thanks… ur a real one…

me, touching my hand to my chest in quiet contemplation, shaking my head gently: no i… thank You baba. really. thank You.


today i hung out w my 15 y/o brothers girlfriend and i jokingly was like “tell me embarrassing stuff about him” and she was like “ok. he has a piss kink” and was 100% serious and i almost crashed the fucking car


Steve: That’s No-Man’s land! No man can get through it!



June 11 2017



does anyone know how many pomegranate seeds Hozier ate? how much longer does he have to stay in the underworld before he can come make some new music?

#i love the implication that hozier is in the underworld getting dicked down by hades


game developer: this game is multiplayer ONLY, we want you to play this game ONLY WITH YOUR FRIENDS

me, no friends mcFuck: great


i never realised that The Babadook was accidentally put in the LGBT+ movies section of Netflix i thought we all just collectively decided the babadook was gay for no reason at all

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June 10 2017


since the whole Gay Babadook thing got popular, i’ve honestly gotten less paranoid being home alone in my (pretty creepy) house. whenever i hear a bump, i just think “oh that’s just the babadook in my my basement, doing his gay shit” and it’s suddenly not scary

Thank You, Gay Babadook

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