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October 30 2017


it’s almoyst like sex positivity should be more about prioritizing a healthier approach to how we have sex/view it as inherent to our identities… instead of an uncritical celebration of sexual behavior as a concept 


Why do people reply to ask games with “I already answered that one!!”? do you really expect me to scroll past those sixty moodboards for the Stranger Things cast and all the McHanzo fanfic you just reblogged to learn what your favourite scented candle smells like, Ashleygh? i won’t.

October 28 2017



uh so this is probably a long shot but.

when i was 8 years old my dad’s kidneys failed and he had to go on dialysis for about two and a half years. he was lucky enough to receive a transplant in 2009, and it’s kept him going since then, but in august he found out that his transplanted kidney is at 22% functionality.

it’s failing again.

the good news is that he’s been able to get treatment to slow his body’s rejection of the kidney, but chemotherapy and extended hospital stays are pretty costly for a man who’s single income doesn’t even always allow him to pay his electricity bills. 

my aunt made him a gofundme, in order to help him cover some of those medical expenses, as well as keep the lights on, since he’s had to take time off from work in order to facilitate the chemo. 

if it all possible, i would appreciate it so so much if you could donate. i really want my dad to live long enough to see my little brother graduate high school and me graduate college. 

thank you



my dad was fired from his job this week because he missed so much work. because he’s on CHEMO.

please, please, please– just $5 goes a long way. i can’t imagine losing my dad right now.

and thank you to all who have donated or even reblogged so far. you have no idea how much it means to me.

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aesthetically I love like coffeehouses and coffee but I hate actually drinking coffee


thanks for agreeing

you fucking buffoon

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Orisa is horse. has four leg. widowmaker spider only have two?? i fix. give more leg.


here’s the deal friends your trans woman friends who bemoan drag aren’t looking back through the lens of history and seeing drag’s significance in the trans and greater lgbt community, specifically in communities of color, they’re looking right in front of their fucking faces at the racist and transmisogynist drag queens that dominate the scenes today and the legions of str8 girls on facebook who are sharing RPDR reaction gifs and looking the other way while trans women die

October 27 2017

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Over The Garden Wall + Historical Time Periods

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its important in storytelling to let the viewer come to their own understanding of what happened sometimes

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October 26 2017


zuckerberg actually saying “i was human” is scarier than any zuckerberg meme could ever fucking be

It’d be so easy to be a smuggler if we could captchalogue stuff

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d a y d r e a m s







Roses are red

Storm clouds are grey

Poetry is great.

lemme try…

Roses are red,

Some tulips are black,

The roses have bloomed,

The ground is muddy,

Roses are red,

Onions have layers,


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It’s been two years since…

Rose kissed Kanaya [10/25/12]


when u drink tap water from a city uve never been

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