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August 08 2017

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the what? gay?

shower beverage alignments



Lawful Good: shower coffee IF you’re running late
Neutral Good: you wouldn’t be caught dead with a shower bev
Chaotic Good: whatever u happen to be drinking when the shower-mood strikes instantly becomes ur shower beverage
Lawful Neutral: a bottle of cold water outside the shower for when it gets too steamy in there
True Neutral: getting thirsty halfway thru and just opening ur mouth like a baby bird in the rain
Chaotic Neutral: slushie that u got from the gas station SPECIFICALLY so u could take a shower and drink it
Lawful Evil: bath & a glass of fine wine
Neutral Evil: shower beer
Chaotic Evil: shower MILK

no one has tagged this with neutral evil, i know ya’ll r out there u fuckin COWARDS


“they’re adopted siblings!!!, theres no blood relation so technicall-”


August 07 2017

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When someone says these days sexism and misogyny don’t exist anymore show them this.


Stop trying to convince women they are not women because they are not comfortable with all that the material class position of womanhood entails. Don’t tell cis women that, dont tell trans women that, just stop. You’re accomplishing nothing good, and doing serious harm.





the dialogue in over the garden wall is so good like the exchanges between characters follow such a rhythm that wirt & other characters’ lapses into poetry & song don’t feel out of place

small exchanges between characters, especially towards the beginning, often have distinct rhythm & rhymes that in context feel completely natural

My name's Greg. What's yours?
My brother's name is Wirt.
Who cares?
And my frog's name's Wirt jr., 
but that may change.
Okay, that's great.
How about you and I 
ditch your brother?
Hmm. Maybe later.

these patterns are only really absent in the episode “into the unknown”, which is part of what gives it such a different feeling than the rest of the show

i’m rewatching otgw with this in mind & its so cool bc its not only the dialogue, its the animation, too. if you tap out a rhythm, usually 60-70bpm, you can predict exactly when characters will make gestures, when the camera angle will change, or when someone new will speak, even if its muted in most of the episodes

it doesnt usually match the music & sometimes the beat changes for plot reasons - like in babes in the wood wirt’s animation is a jarring 10 bpm slower than everyone elses in the beginning & 10 beats faster than theirs after he wakes up. maybe this is a more common thing than i remember in animation but i think it adds a lot to this show

On the dvd commentary pat mchale says something that really stuck with me about how the unknown as wirt sees it (and as we see it) is built to be comfortable for him. He gets scared, but he’s so much more comfortable there than he is at home, with all the architecture he reads about and everything being so poetic and old fashioned.

I wonder if this is something done intentionally for that reason? Wirt is a poet, and does spoken word poetry often, in a place made to be comfortable for him, a sense of rhythm and fluidity when people talk or move would make a lot of sense, it would be really calming for him and the lack of such in ep 9 adds to the chaos he feels in his regular life. It’s something I’ve noticed before too, and I’ve noticed how easily he slots into conversations in the unknown compared to in episode 9. It’s very possible that’s how wirt thinks, and therefore that’s just how the unknown is.


i also think the beat itself is symbolic of how he sees things - i didnt think it was exactly a heartbeat at first because it seemed unaffected by action or fear, but it’s much faster in episodes like songs of the dark lantern & lullaby in frogland, both of which involve a lot of anxiety. it quickens after wirt panics about losing greg in babes in the wood & keeps growing faster in the final episode, only slowing a little as wirt drags himself & his brother to shore, & only returning to the 60bpm speed it was at the start after he awakens safe in the hospital (& it then speeds up again when he talks to sara)

i think the cartoon itself is paced with a symbolic heartbeat that affects our perspective of what’s happening

August 05 2017



wlw culture is having a crush on all the female villains of your childhood

wow we all really were gay af for shego from kim possible weren’t we




irl kin drama

identity theft

A post for men about creepy men


I wrote a post a while back about how some people are very good at getting away with doing intentionally creepy things by passing themselves off as just ~awkward~.

Recently, I noticed a particular pattern that plays out. While creeps can be any gender, there’s a gendered pattern by which creepy men get other men to help them be creepy:

  • A guy runs over the boundaries of women constantly
  • He makes them very uncomfortable and creeped out
  • But he doesn’t do that to guys, and
  • He doesn’t talk to guys about it in an unambiguous way, and
  • When he does it in front of guys, he finds a way to make it look deniable
  • And then some women complain to a man, maybe even a man in charge who is supposed to be responsible for preventing abuse in a space
  • and he has no idea what they are talking about, since he’s never the target or witness
  • And he’s had a lot of pleasant interactions with that guy
  • So he sympathizes with him, and thinks he must mean well but be have trouble with social skills
  • And then takes no action to get him to stop or to protect women
  • And so the group stays a place that is safe for predatory men, but not for the women they target

For example:

  • Mary, Jill, and Susan: Bill, Bob’s been making all of us really uncomfortable. He’s been sitting way too close, making innuendo after everything we say, and making excuses to touch us.
  • Bill: Wow, I’m surprised to hear that. Bob’s a nice guy, but he’s a little awkward. I’m sure he doesn’t mean anything by it. I’m not comfortable accusing him of something so serious from my position of authority.

What went wrong here?

  • Bill assumed that, if Bob was actually doing something wrong, he would have noticed.
  • Bill didn’t think he needed to listen to the women who were telling him about Bob’s creepy actions. He didn’t take seriously the possibility that they were right. 
  • Bill assumed that women who were uncomfortable with Bob must be at fault; that they must be judging him too harshly or not understanding his awkwardness
  • Bill told women that he didn’t think that several women complaining about a guy was sufficient reason to think something was wrong
  • Bill assumed that innocently awkward men should not be confronted about inadvertantly creepy things they do, but rather women should shut up and let them be creepy

A rule of thumb for men:

  • If several women come to you saying that a man is being creepy towards them, assume that they are seeing something you aren’t
  • Listen to them about what they tell you
  • If you like the guy and have no idea what they’re talking about, that means that what he is doing is *not* innocent awkwardness.
  • If it was innocent awkwardness, he wouldn’t know how to hide it from other men
  • Men who are actually just awkward and bad at understanding boundaries also make *other men* uncomfortable
  • If a man is only making women uncomfortable but not men, that probably means he’s doing it on purpose
  • Take that possibility seriously, and listen to what women tell you about men

tl;dr If you are a man, other men in your circle who are nice to you are creepy towards women. Don’t assume that if something was wrong that you would have noticed; creepy men are good at finding the lines of what other men will tolerate. Listen to women. They know better than you do whether a man is being creepy and threatening towards women; if they think something is wrong, listen and find out why. Don’t give predatory dudes who are nice to you cover to keep hurting women.

listen genyatta is wonderful but when ppl make genji call zenyatta “master” in like an adoring and/or flustered way it gives me flashbacks to clear from d/m/md and ://///:/:/:/://

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“Please send help we asked our mccree how he aims so well and he sent us this photo”

By charizarder


that bitch caravaggio?? he knew what the fuck was up

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This is like Animorphs Hard Mode



god is punishing us all for something, i just don’t know what.

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Se imaginan ser tan yanki?

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Amy Dunne: *drops mic*

(This is probably my favorite rant in literature)

August 04 2017

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I love

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