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May 21 2018

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it’s like nothing else we used to know 

May 20 2018

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Young gods / Dionysus, Hermes, Eros, Apollo

twitter - ig - prints

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70 people died in Grenfell because the government was too cheap and too lazy to make sure the building wasn’t a fire trap, and then less than a year later the government spends millions to celebrate Ginger getting his dick wet? God forbid people be angry



You know what strength is?
Forgiving a person who wasn’t even sorry.

not to be dramatic but i would literally rather die



child abuse does not become any more acceptable if you call it “ass whoopin”

striking your child with intent to harm is abuse, bar none

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May 19 2018

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thsis swas mwenat to be transpartent but website uplaod would nto compute andi  am not sober enoguh to troubelshoot

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Please send me more of these memes, I need to see literally every single one of them

submitted by @artistic-cyber-cat

submitted by @zeddspectrial

submitted by @goodwiththechicken

submitted by @fedora-master96

this meme is officially called Fantasy Painting Object Labeling, thanks for that @eddrian32!

I love these so much


You have to wear the same clothes your current icon wears every day for the rest of your life! How screwed are you?

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My ship finally has water to sail on but its like…sad … . . 

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Wholesome Apocalypse

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May 18 2018


some 15 year old on their blog: you know i just think it’s wrong to romanticize things like incest and pedophilia and rape and abuse because it’s bad and people read it and then start to think it’s okay or even romantic

hundreds of 30 year old women about to slam this teen using gifs every two words to explain how writing wincest smut actually relates to free speech:

Hot take but i hate that ace rhetoric thats like “dont worry, you’re still ace if you don’t enjoy sex but you do it anyway to make your partner happy” thats literally SO fucking toxic, especially if youre saying that to teens who are still figuring stuff out in the sexuality department. Ace or not, don’t have sex with someone you don’t actually want to have sex with just to make them happy. Even if you don’t Not want to do it. Even if youre happy that the other person is happy, doing that stuff when you don’t actually want to do it wears you down

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