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October 06 2017

@ tumblr argentino:

Sabían que en el doblaje latino de la película de los emojis, al emoji de caca le pusieron acento argentino?


Jack Dylan Grazers delivery of “do not fucking touch me” is definitely the best line delivery in all of cinematic history don’t @ me.


No offense but I hate it when people sit down next to me to smoke…like sweetie…I was here breathin…


you ever just wake up in a cold sweat suddenly totally aware of the full unbridled horror of a world where women’s humanity is tied to their ability to conform to nearly-arbitrary and mostly-unreachable standards of presentation, where every bus and billboard is emblazoned with the promises of some product that will fix you and make you a person again, where the company’s selling these products have the nerve to act like the good guys offering a solution to this problem and not the problem themselves, that for the most part these standards go unquestioned, treated as innate, and some biologist tries to explain them away “scientifically.”  like its literally just evil evil evil



hairless “hunks” are twinks as far as I’m concerned

Theatre of Coolty (The Movie)





Every Homestuck should watch this weekly, if not daily. It should be the Talmud to Homestuck’s Torah.

i just finished this and i am astonished theres a piece of homestuck fanwork that gives me the exact same viscerally unsettling experience as a david lynch film would

You never appreciate how fucking wild homestuck was until you see shit like this and it makes perfect sense.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


remember fukkin. late october 2014 when everyone on this website had a feastings pixel family and all people listened to was mystery skulls ghost and the homestuck game over flash literally punted us into a new reality. that was fun

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depressed kids in the media: I don’t wanna go to therapy! I don’t need help! I’m not some specimen for you to dissect!

me, rollin up to my therapist’s office and collapsing in relief: what is UP my homeboy I fuckin missed you,, hope ur ready to hear some Bull Shit that fuckin happened to me this week

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Guess I’m joining Inktober  👀

October 05 2017

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TRIAL BY CALAMITY | Controlled crisis, leading to completion, inner harmony.

I’ve been too busy to do much personal work for a while. Banged this quick-and-dirty illustration out over Labor Day weekend out of pure spite, and then sat on it for a month as is my wont.


Every corporation that takes a “progressive” stance, or runs a “progressive” ad, is playing you. Nike makes their products in sweatshops. Coca-Cola employs death squads against union organizers in the Third World. Dove is owned by the same company as AXE, whose advertising objectifies and demeans women in the most crude and horrific ways. Any “progressive” stance taken by a corporation is only taken for the sake of its profit margins, and only applies where such a stance is profitable, and provides no material benefit to the oppressed. There is absolutely no reason to praise a corporation, under any circumstances. They do not care about you. Only profit.

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sadstuck: karkat was team jacob all along

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Why Wayne got socks in the jacuzzi

those are his hooves you bitch

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my overwatch main

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October 04 2017


*being buried alive*

murderer, out of breath: how are you eating the dirt so quickly

October 03 2017


I think the reason Homestuck has such staying power is that deep down, every millennial has two warring wishes - to become a cool hero and make a new perfect world with your best friends, or to be struck by a big space rock, killing us instantly.

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