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February 04 2018

I just did such a stupid embarrassing thing


discussions of racism in fandom aren’t discourse. when you say it’s discourse you trivialize the issue and make those who try to have this discussion out to be the bad guys so don’t fucking do it

February 03 2018


its 6:30 in the am and im about to collapse looking at this tweet

February 02 2018

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I’m screaming at this D.Va fan made intro


i think it’s a shame that so many people speak perfect english just from the internet/tv and get no real recognition for it. there’s this horrible assumption that being fluent in english is just a given (propaganda from americans in cargo shorts i believe) and english is brushed off as an “easy” language. that isn’t the case at all and if you’ve learned english that’s amazing and im honestly in awe. i hate that people achieve so much to reach the minimum expectation, and then english speakers will pat themselves on the back for being able to count to 10 in french

what does it mean to be ace? if we cannot define that, we cannot say all aces are lgbt



Okay, I have a new question. Asexuality is a spectrum, right? But cishet/cis aroace inclusionists think all aces and all aros are LGBT, anywhere on the spectrum.

So… my question is… how much sexual attraction does a cis straight person have to feel to “have straight privilege,” be straight (since cis straight aces “aren’t straight”), and oppress LGBT people?

And why do aces think straight privilege comes from cishet’s sexual attraction to each other rather than their positions as people who do not experience homophobia/biphobia?

I’m sincerely asking this–how much sexual attraction does a person need to experience to not be on the ace spectrum and be “allo” and how much sexual attraction does a cis person who is only attracted to the ‘opposite’ gender have to experience to be a “cishet”?

these questions should be answered by now because they’re fundamental to the core tenets of what the ace community is and who should belong. where does asexuality end? does asexuality have an end if lithrosexuals are considered part of the ace community even though they can experience any levels of sexual attraction, they just don’t want it reciprocated? Hell, some lithrosexuals are FINE with it being reciprocated, they just don’t NEED it to be. how is there an asexual/non-asexual boundary is people who experience sexual attraction but just don’t NEED it reciprocated are considered asexual? who the fuck in the world NEEDS their sexual attraction reciprocated besides sexual abusers?

can a voluntarily celibate person who does feel sexual attraction identify as ace if they want to? Isn’t that essentially what a lithrosexual is anyways? what’s the difference?

what’s the difference between a cupiosexual asexual who is only attracted to the opposite gender and a non-ace straight person who has sex? what’s the difference between a demisexual cis person who is only attracted to the opposite gender who has found a person w/ a close bond, who they are therefore attracted to fairly constantly because they’ve already formed the bond and a cis straight person who feels “normal” amounts of attraction? what about cishet demis who form bonds quickly?

what is asexuality, where does it end, why does it include people who feel sexual attraction but only in certain contexts in or in certain amounts? what is the difference between a cis straight person and a cis person in the ace community who does feel sexual attraction towards only the ‘opposite’ gender “rarely” or “only w/ close bonds” or “doesn’t want to act on it” in terms of material privilege?

how can you say all aces are lgbt but literally anyone and everyone can define themselves as asexual if they use an obscure enough definition, even if they feel sexual attraction?

isn’t that saying every single person in the world can identify as lgbt if they want to?

of course, there’s no actual answer to these questions since sexual attraction can’t even be measured at all. asexuality is not really a spectrum because you can’ have “more” or “less” sexual attraction. how would you even measure it? by number of people you’ve felt attracted to? number of times you’ve been turned on?? it makes no sense. it’s just plain dumb.



reblog with your weird group chat name in the tags

I don’t have friends


remember how OFF had this guy with a mask and a huge fat neck in his official art and yet the fandom still managed to make him the twink

Also he had an ugly toad mask for most of the game but everyone drew him with the kitty mask he wore Once

February 01 2018




Fuckin rad that’s what!

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Leia has sent her most daring pilot on a secret mission to Jakku where an old ally has discovered a clue to Luke’s whereabouts…

Lord English as a Manifestation of Trauma: An Alternate Reading


[This is an excerpt from a longer post, but I think it can stand on its own. It’s based on blogger mmmmalo/Malo’s idea of Homestuck characters as Manifestations of the protagonists’ psychology and trauma. Malo argues that Lord English is a reflection of Jade’s hidden trauma; below, I present a different approach.

Content warning for discussion of neglect, abuse, CSA, suicide, assault, and general trauma.]

As I understand it, Manifestations Theory posits:

New characters, events, and problems introduced in Homestuck come into being as symbolic echoes (manifestations) of the psychology of the original four characters. Further characters also emerge as manifestations of those new characters, and so on. This is especially true of the interaction between the kids and the trolls, but also of other figures like the Midnight Crew, the Dancestors, and Lord English.

I really dig this way of reading Homestuck! It often leads to really interesting results. I think it makes a great deal of sense in terms of how Hussie writes his characters as echoes or riffs on previous characters.

It also could be very literally true in terms of how Paradox Space works. revolutionaryduelist has written about reality as an extension of everyone’s will and agency in Homestuck, and TexTalks has pointed out that ideas like Light and Space and other Platonic Forms are literally what make up the building blocks of all things in Homestuck’s metaphysics.

I could very easily see a Paradox Space which provides its players with beings and events that echo their own psychology. In which the challenge for SBURB players, in very Gnostic fashion, is to face the reflections of their own selves in order to find their own identity within their concerns and fears. That’s awesome!

That said, my reading of the origin of Lord English as a psychological Manifestation differs significantly from Malo’s.

What I find very striking about Lord English is that he’s an amalgamation. He’s a fusion of Caliborn + Lil’ Hal (AR) + Equius + Half of Gamzee. That’s incredibly resonant, because if there’s one thing it makes sense for the villain to be in Homestuck, it’s a collision of overlapping symbols, like everything else that drives its story. And a mess of overlapping symbols is also perfect as an expression of psychological problems.

Here’s the reading I’ve been playing around with:

Lord English is the manifestation of the collective traumas, repressions, and psychological issues of the initial protagonists of Homestuck.

Seguir leyendo

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god judges you based on which one of these three you think first

Homer and Marge


I feel like we need to annotate Homestuck because it was very much a beast of its time and I feel like there’s a lot of in-jokes that get missed by people reading it today. Like the fact that Dave’s “kick it barack” actually took place on Obama’s reelection night, and John arriving 15 pages late with Starbucks, and those Kickstarter fantrolls, and why tricksters are Like That. So many good gags lost to time and a very specific context.

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Keanu Reeves red carpet looks from the 90′s

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Is there anything more beautiful than women supporting women?

is there anything
more beautiful than women
supporting women

^Haiku^bot^8. I detect haikus with 5-7-5 format. Sometimes I make mistakes. | @image-transcribing-bot @portmanteau-bot | Contact | HAIKU BOT NO | Good bot! | Beep-boop!

❤️ you, @haiku-robot.










Yo, un humilde habitante de la Llanura Chaqueña cada vez que veo una montaña, sierra u otra elevación: what tghe f uck… what the fuck… what is this land that goes up… why isn’t it flat… what the hell is this bullshit…  dare i say… cursed…

@elbiotipo osea que cuando ves una cascada te tienen que levantar del suelo??? 



Yo, una cordobesa que vivió en las sierras toda su vida cada vez que veo una llanura: what is this? no rock,,,, no land cronch,,, wher ar the rivers wher do they form….. no personality,,,, no acend dirt. devil’s work

Yo, una provinciana que vive casi en el límite entre la llanura pampeana y la Patagonia, prácticamente pegada al sistema de Ventania: you’re all weak.

Me, in Buenos Aires: i’m not thinking about anything but i’m already stressed…uhh…is that a pigeon or a rat?

Yo, una gallega (España) que vive en una ciudad que está literalmente cubriendo todo un monte, cuando voy a un sitio llano: wtf, i can see the horizon!! Why?!? Is this magic or something?


Aca vemos como el gallego no contento con colonizar nuestras tierras coloniza nuestros posts

Me encanta que aclara “(España)” djakkfjshdhskgkssj

January 31 2018


Mark Salling had FIFTY THOUNSANds pictures and HUNDREDS of video of children as young as 3 being molested and raped and some of you wackos want him to rest in peace or ask people to be understanding that you’re sad.


Mark Salling was a serial child abuser. He paid people to abuse toddlers and send him the pictures/videos of it.

Tumblr truly is full of sick apologists

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Parasexual: being asexual (NOT having sexual attraction) and having sex SOLELY for the purpose of reproduction

catholic pride flag

the weak will inherit the dust

burger king


The oldest child has it the worst don’t @ me

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